We need strong leadership 🙏🏽

South African General Elections, 2019 was to be the symbol of hope from the previous years of malpractice, corruption, poor service delivery and just about everything else which has marred its revolutionary reputation.

We all have had high hopes that President Cyril Ramaphosa would be sympathetic to the pains our country was experiencing. However it’s only weeks since his victory and installment as President of South Africa yet his impact has become to further erode the stability of this nation with the currency weakening and with greater divides of racial tensions.

President Ramaphosa did not have courage nor bravery to break-up the Zuma’s administration posse. It’s becoming frustrating that character and intellect plays no part in the choosing of our leaders in South Africa. The norm in most civilisations are to choose able and capable individuals however not so here for it’s the colour of your skin and the loyalty of the elite with disregard for the many despite their faithfulness to vote.

About the Author

Brendon Naicker
A determined entrepreneur – born and raised in apartheid South Africa, understands what it's like to live with riches and dine among the elite, and a man who has lived for a short spell penniless. An advocate of the ordinary human being, decency and exercising propriety a must, against all the odds! A people’s person with a gargantuan heart and a tenacity for fighting for the underdog! A life with flashes of opulence, a wealth of educational achievements, a dash of homelessness and a lot of travel. (Excerpt from Carla Day, Under a mango tree)