Load Shedding Fiasco: Are we in a State of Emergency?

“Ageing infrastructure” is the term now coined when things don’t function, in comparison to when we first boasted of capabilities and competencies to take on the jobs our leaders cling onto – highlighting the issues our country has to deal with…it will merely be a shot in the dark to mention the many “what ifs” Eskom could have done in managing the load shedding fiasco!

Is Councillor Eleanor suitable for the job?

No politician will ever right a bill to assist in their own pay cut. A person who truly cares about the well-being of this country and the South African people will still serve this country no matter the cost or renumeration. Those are the people who should be in office, not career politicians.

Consciousness Cafe

What is Consciousness Cafe?

They are a group of South Africans interested and concerned about race issues in South Africa. They have had numerous experiences in their personal, social and professional environments which riddled with instances of racism, stereotyping, discrimination and misunderstandings between various race groups.