Poor Leadership

Have you recently seen the streets being dug up on Young Avenue in Upper Houghton? Or have you been invited to the opening of the mural on Louis Botha Avenue? Of course, not! It feels that getting the community participation would introduce an addition hurdle of regulating our officers to account. 

Now to make insinuating remarks without substantial backing is cheap – so why aren’t we being involved in the decisions pertaining to the areas we are contributing to these extortionate revenues? Even to that there are issues. Where are our Councillors or local representatives? How are they allowing a ‘do whatever you like’ policy without safeguarding the stakeholders’ priorities? 

The DA has been running our Ward since goodness knows when… they have the blank cheque in knowing that you would vote DA because definitely you don’t want any other party messing it up? Well it’s time you looked around your neighbourhood… you have an animation feature wall and service delivery issues galore not mentioning that a majority of us are rates payers, yet the lack of attention and standards is ever deteriorating. Our representatives work hard in making deals to securing the next tenure whilst they come and go yet we remain – in fact ours don’t even live in the Ward themselves!

About the Author

Brendon Naicker
A determined entrepreneur – born and raised in apartheid South Africa, understands what it's like to live with riches and dine among the elite, and a man who has lived for a short spell penniless. An advocate of the ordinary human being, decency and exercising propriety a must, against all the odds! A people’s person with a gargantuan heart and a tenacity for fighting for the underdog! A life with flashes of opulence, a wealth of educational achievements, a dash of homelessness and a lot of travel. (Excerpt from Carla Day, Under a mango tree)