Manslaughter charges should also be imposed on middle-management for gross negligence

If a pilot fails to the adherence of protocols and procedures mandated to do their job, which results in a loss of life – should they not be treated with contempt?

Should they not be held responsible for negligence and suffer the similar fate of manslaughter for gross negligence?

What of a bus driver? I believe they should and not just them but any company or official who fails to provide the duty of care to their service users, who suffers from the gross negligence should equally be judged to justice.

The councils who fail to cover manhole covers and injuries resulting should remedy the injuries just like the rest of us where public liability insurances are deemed necessary.

Our local governments are managing the regions like businesses and similarly those in positions of leadership should be held responsible for failures and be personally held accountable for failing to act when required which resulted in injuries.

Take for example, City Power was informed of a dangerous situation but failed to act when a report was logged – should they too not be held liable should death or injury occur. If people desire to hold offices of leadership and authority they too should receive not just the rewards but also shares in the liabilities.

We calling for equal judgement posed to management for incompetencies and gross negligence to match that which authorities execute to the general public!

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