Load Shedding Fiasco: Are we in a State of Emergency?

“Ageing infrastructure” is the term now coined when things don’t function, in comparison to when we first boasted of capabilities and competencies to take on the jobs our leaders cling onto – highlighting the issues our country has to deal with…it will merely be a shot in the dark to mention the many “what ifs” Eskom could have done in managing the load shedding fiasco!

However what they must be applauded for are their brilliance in making “ageing infrastructure” dressed up in modern online sophistications of presenting client information… however their pre-historic tendencies are yet evident even so – take for example my search in attempting to know the load shedding schedule … sadly the information is not available.

Mr President, isn’t this now a state of national emergency brought upon by our incompetencies…. who do we call for help?

WHAT! …it reads: “We. regret that we could not find an Eskom schedule for Province: Gauteng

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Siphephelo Kagiso
Studied History in Geneva, I focused on Political Revolution and its various social and economic impacts. As a journalist, I have shifted my attention to the Digital Revolution. I'm eager to see Ward73.org make a difference to the community peace, reconciliation and integration.