Is Louis Botha Avenue becoming the Vatican City of Ward 73?

Let me start by stating that I’m no anti-Christ or anti-religious zealot. However, with the growing increase of churches being established along the Norwood and Orange Grove district, one would believe that we are the religious centre of Joburg.

It is my personal opinion that churches are good for a community. They meet the needs of many social and economical deprived conditions, bringing in a sense of morality and inclusion to those left vulnerable.

However the negative issues posed by the rise of these churches along Louis Botha Avenue are to do with noise pollution and the lack of building control in some cases.

We as a community need to ensure that these properties that are used for gathering of congregations are safe with proper fire and emergency precautions.

In addition, there are some churches that are not regulated and thus those vulnerable, if left without the community intervening to the protection of children and elderly, could potentially be left as lambs to the wolves.

About the Author

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