Is Councillor Eleanor suitable for the job? is a non-partisan community organisation, aimed to the community development and speaking-up for the welfare of our neighbours who are restrained. We have no intention to create alliances or seek to build any “brownie points” for selfish gain, we merely exist to aid the community.

We wanted to know what our Councillor Eleanor has been doing since being elected? How did she use her time to aid the community of Ward73? At first glance, with her climbing sandals, shorts and t-shirts. Short cut hair and huge smiles with arms-wide open for hugs – she does not fit the mould of your typical polished and clean-cut politician.

Colour, status or creed are of no bearing for this warm-hearted individual. Looking through her diary makes one woozy with all the committments she has to do… or might I say, “loves to do!”. There is an old analogy that whilst someone is alive people take stones to throw on them, however the moment they die, we take the very stones to build monuments.

As a community we should not be ungrateful, Councillor Eleanor may be no calibre of Hilary Clinton or Winnie Mandela but she is definitely Eleanor Huggets! – To which very few public servants are truly themselves – she is no fake! I heard that she lacks strength and grit – our response to this is her meekness, not weakness, with courage to yet stand on the frontline.

It is time we stop complaining and do something – it is all too easy to be an arm-chair critique. Our community needs people who reconcile our divides and not further tear-it-up! Nice job Councillor Eleanor, our only criticism is that you are too nice for this job.

About the Author

Brendon Naicker
A determined entrepreneur – born and raised in apartheid South Africa, understands what it's like to live with riches and dine among the elite, and a man who has lived for a short spell penniless. An advocate of the ordinary human being, decency and exercising propriety a must, against all the odds! A people’s person with a gargantuan heart and a tenacity for fighting for the underdog! A life with flashes of opulence, a wealth of educational achievements, a dash of homelessness and a lot of travel. (Excerpt from Carla Day, Under a mango tree)