Consciousness Cafe hosts Consciousness Cafe.

What is Consciousness Cafe?

They are a group of South Africans interested and concerned about race issues in South Africa. They have had numerous experiences in their personal, social and professional environments which riddled with instances of racism, stereotyping, discrimination and misunderstandings between various race groups. These experiences and similar observations from the general South African public have resulted in the conceptualisation of Consciousness Café, attempts to create a platform for dialogue on race and other issues in the country and in so doing, work towards promoting social cohesion through understanding. They use a form of transformation dialogue developed by the No-Name-Initiative (

About the Author

The mandate of is: To work on the development in supporting NGOs and NPOs within the constituency of Ward 73, Johannesburg. It is our intention to support and enable all marginalised groups with special focus on those who are not welcomed to participate in the enjoyment of their fundamental human rights and equal opportunities.