About Us

Public satisfaction and the reduction of costs can be achieved when our government deliver services based on the needs of the people they serve.

Delivering services to citizens is at the heart of what most governments do yet in South Africa it has to be protested to achieve. Most would agree that the lack of transparency, inaccessibility and incompetency from services from the public sector are not surprising for failing to meet the basic needs of the majority of the people.

The mandate of Ward73.org is to work on the development in supporting NGOs and NPOs within the constituency of Ward 73, Johannesburg. It is our intention to support and enable all marginalised groups with special focus on those who are not welcomed to participate in the enjoyment of their fundamental human rights and equal opportunities.

Our organisation

Our team comes from varying backgrounds and diverse cultures to fully represent the community we serve.  Through the process of creating local policy from our consultancy process, coaching and the support with local coalitions of organisations to focus on thus the inclusion of the unrepresented.

We are determined that through the whole process of development of partner organisations to raising of local community and in parallel lobbying towards local, regional and national change for social inclusion of all persons disadvantaged.  Instruments for equal treatment, free from discrimination within the Ward 73, Johannesburg. By equal access to infrastructure and services for majority not just those with resources.

By equal access to infrastructure and services, those penalised through poor circumstances can also fully enjoy political, social, economic and cultural rights.